Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sunday Sacrilege

It seems like every time a self-described conservative Christian candidate rises to a position of prominence within the public consciousness these days, various articles start popping up illuminating the truly insane depths of his or her already questionable belief system. While I really do think that no one who chooses ridiculous superstition over logic and reason in any part of his or her life should be allowed near the White House, it's simply a foregone conclusion that a profession of faith is a requirement for all political leaders in our current culture; you either make it clear that you believe in Jesus or you just don't stand a chance of ever becoming a political leader in America, circa 2011, in the first place.

While we should all prepare, now that campaign season is ramping up, for another offensive series of diversions from the real issues facing this country aimed at testing the purity of our candidates' religious devotion -- another CNN "Faith & Politics" forum, a command performance before Pastor Rick Warren, or some other such horseshit -- it'll be incumbent upon those for whom faith or prayer doesn't constitute an effective plan of action to keep fighting back as best we can. The bottom line is that we're once again faced with more than a couple of people vying for the highest office in the land who not only buy heavily into notions like magic, and fairy tales, and holy books, and end times prophecies, and various silly shibboleths, but who also believe that it's their divinely commissioned obligation to make sure the rest of us submit to it too -- whether we like it or not.

Screw that.

Salon: The Christian Right's "Dominionist" Strategy/8.21.11


Anonymous said...

How is this demand for all candidates allowed to stand in the public square election after election? They profess devotion to a man, as the story goes (fictional or not), who walked around with bottom of the social hierarchy; preached love and forgiveness; good works toward least in society; and frequently belittled the wealthy and privileged. Then the same electorate demands the candidate runs on a platform of pro-wealth, privilege, fear, war, punishment, segregation, division, exclusion, and exploitation.
No wonder it’s so easy to argue that Christianity is a joke. At least in the public area, no one is required to truly act like the icon they supposedly seek guidance from through frequent prayer and what not. You seriously expect a rational person to buy that the man who apparently said “do unto others, as you would do unto me” and “treat thy neighbor as you want to be treated” would agree with current Republican platform? Especially the positions forwarded by people like Perry and Bachman?!?

Bill Orvis White said...

There you go again with your secular-progressive rants. A faith in the Lord Almighty is a prerequisite for leadership in this Judeo-Christian God-fearing nation. Why? Because IT'S A FACT THAT OUR FOUNDING FATHERS WROTE OUR CONSTITUTION ON JESUS' WOODEN CROSS!-and well, John Adams' cloth diapers. Pres. Jefferson had a whole devotion to the Lord Almighty and firmly believed in "spreading thy seed" with his devoted personal help. You Godless seculars might call that help "slavery," but WE THE PEOPLE know better. Because of God-fearing folk like Pres. Jefferson, today WE THE PEOPLE's honorable Mr. Gene Simmons also believes in "spreading thy seed." You see, Chez, a full faith and devotion in the Lord Almighty is necessary for our nation's health. This necessary tradition carries on with the honorable Rep. Bachmann and the honorable Gov. Perry. Both believe in "spreading thy seed." "What? Mrs. Bachmann cannot spread seed, Bill. You're crazy!" you stupid seculars say. I reply, "Yes, I am crazy, but right. You see, Mrs. Bachmann spreads her seeds of truth."

Eric said...

Bill, you're right! Gene Simmons For President 2012!