Saturday, August 06, 2011

Some Gave All

Dammit. Just -- dammit.

Salon: SEALs Who Got Bin Laden Among Those Killed in Chopper Crash/8.6.11

38 Americans killed. 25 SEALs.

It's been a very, very bad week.


Ref said...

This is a terrible waste. It is beyond me why we continue to expend American lives and money in Afghanistan. What little government it has is unspeakably corrupt and unable to control Kabul, let alone any other part of the country. For that, it is less a country than a collection of warring tribes bound in by borders drawn without regard to reality. Doesn't anyone read Kipling anymore? He is still instructive on the subject of the Afghans.

Anonymous said...

Crazy or not, that reeks of the someone/government cleaning up loose ends.

At least now they wont have to worry about a book being written in 20 years time about what may or may not have really happened in Pakistan...

Anonymous said...

Oh for fucks sake's dude. Seriously? Everything is now a fucking conspiracy?

No...never mind that historically military groups in Afghanistan have for years before the US ever started distributing the Stinger missile to the Mujahedin, pioneered the usage of the RPG as an anti-helicopter weapon against the Soviets...its has to be some grand fucking conspiracy involving the US government.

For those wondering exactly how an anti-armor weapon works against helicopters, its quite simple. After an APG is fired, it has a "safe" range which if it has not hit something, it will explode. Basically you don't want a live grenade just sitting around. What the Mujahedin discovered is that if you dig a small pit, you can direct the blast force to project the APG rather high up into the air and it acts as an air burst round. Its actually quite effective, abet difficult to achieve as you have to be pretty damn close and explose the grenade in front of the moving craft...but its cheap...dirt cheap compared to a dedicated anti-air weapon. And especially for transport helicopters, its quite achievable.

Arguably, the Russian made APG is the single most dominate weapon in the third world, followed closely by the technical, then in close third, the notorious AK.

Its a brilliant weapon. Weighs hardly anything and is reusable compared to the US TOW system where each tube can only fire one round. Simple as shit to use as kids can fire it. All you need is two of to carry the tube and fire them, the other to carry a sack of warheads. In close city combat, its better than any small arms as you don't even need to hit close to a target to overtake a position as the blast radius is enough to shell shock anyone close. There were whole mechanized divisions that were massacred in Chechnya because of the effectiveness of the three men teams (two APG's, one AK) used against the Russians.

But no...this obvious was the US governments attempt to somehow silence men who would never break their vows and commitments anyway.

Chez said...

I just assumed he/she was joking.

Anonymous said...

Sorry an engineering student at a school that has a large number of art students, I often find myself in situations where seemingly intelligent people will accept the most insanely retarded conspiracy theories.

My BS detector has failed. Though I have to admit, my theory of an APG attack appears to be incorrect as now they are saying it was a rocket attack...that must have been one hell of a lucky shot assuming the Jawas were using a Soviet era munition. Then again, I've seen what these guys can do with a mortar, propane tank, and remote control to get around FOD defenses. Never underestimate man's ingenuity at killing each other.

CNNfan said...

Just in case you didn't know, "from the same unit" does NOT mean they were the same ones who got Bin Laden.

Chez said...

Yes, Tom. I know.