Thursday, August 18, 2011

(Sadly Predictable) Quote of the Day

"It’s just a good thing I can’t pack a gun on the Senate floor."

-- Republican Sen. Tom Coburn of Oklahoma

What the hell is it with these idiots and their tough-guy violence fantasies? Jesus Christ. Rick Perry intimates that the chairman of the Federal Reserve would meet some good, old-fashioned Texas-style justice if he dares to commit the "treasonous" act of printing more money and a couple of days later, as if on cue, Tom Coburn -- a pampered C Street pussy who could probably be Straw Dogged into diaper-wetting submission by a troop of Girl Scouts -- steps up to imply violence against his colleagues. It goes without saying that Coburn wasn't the least bit serious, but that's not the point: He's a fucking United States Senator, not an 11-year-old on a playground.

The most offensive thing about it is that every time one of these assholes says something like this, it forces the Democrats to respond with humorless indignation, which only increases the asshole in question's stock with his or her dumb-ass, gun-crazy constituency.

Which is why there's nothing I'd like to see more than Gabby Giffords walk over to the Senate chamber and punch Coburn in the fucking mouth.


ChristinaR said...

Love the imagery at the end :) That might make this whole year somehow okay.

Aaron B. Brown said...

I hear Gov. Rick Perry packs a pistol when he is out jogging, doubtless he keeps it in his jock strap in order to create a bulge that would be missing otherwise.

Mark my words it's just a matter of time before one of these tea party fucks in Congress commits an act of violence in response to losing an argument or a vote. It's as inevitable as the inbreeding and incest which created them.

CNNfan said...

Huh? Why's ain't packin' a good thing? He shouldn't misunderestimate Congress like that.

kanye said...

What a dolt. Everybody knows that the weapon of choice for a U.S. Congressman is a cane.

Harvey Jerkwater said...

What amazes me is how not everyone who hears lines like that doesn't also hear the pants-wetting fear that motivated it. You ever met an actual tough guy? They don't talk like that. Nervous little toads? They talk like that.

Oh, for the chance to be a senator that day and reply, "Yes, Senator Coburn, it is a good thing, because if you brought a piece onto the floor, I'd have to take it away from you to keep you from shooting off your own dick, and then the nation would see you break down and cry like a little bitch." Alas, I am not in politics.

Ref said...

Nice reference, Kanye. Charles Sumner was an ancestor of my wife. The real history is that he was beaten, not for being an abolitionist, but for being an abolitionist who was prone to nasty ad hominem arguments with his opponents. That's why I think Coburn needs to be put in fear of public whuppin".

Bill Orvis White said...

You don't understand Texas justice, Chez -- pure and simple. Sorry to report the fact that like a pedophile, Mr. Bernanke is a predator. This predator is stalking the nation's economy ready to undermine it at any second. What don't you understand? If someone's up there in Washington printing up money, then it's treason and that person needs to be taken out to the wood shed and be taught a lesson. Jesus said, "Take thy sinner's hand and lead him to the forest of correction where thine own divine and correct wisdom will be bestowed upon the predator."