Sunday, August 07, 2011

Quote of the Day/Sunday Sacrilege

"Defendents NBC and MSNBC pride themselves on their marketing of anti-religious beliefs and their disparagement of people of faith, as they have sought to woo secular, atheist, leftist oriented viewer markets, given Fox News' domination of the politically conservative/libertarian/religious markets which they have had difficulty cultivating."

-- From a $50 million lawsuit being filed by "metalhead minister" Bradlee Dean against Rachel Maddow, whom he accuses of defaming his "fine reputation" by playing a tape of an appearance on talk radio in which he said that Muslim nations that execute gays are more righteous than the American Christians who tolerate them

A pretty good rule of thumb: If you can't spell "defendant" properly in your lawsuit, it's a safe bet it isn't going anywhere.

On the plus side, one look at Bradlee answers a question I've been pondering for years: What finally happened to all those hair-band idiots in The Decline of Western Civilization 2: The Metal Years who kept insisting that they were gonna make it in the music business?


Anonymous said...

Ladies and gentlemen, behold the second coming of W. Axl Rose!

Anonymous said...

Odd quote from someone so obviously suppressing homosexual tendencies.

ToCookAWolf said...

Shit. I thought that was Jason Mewes

Anonymous said...

he looks like Hagar the Ridiculous.