Monday, August 22, 2011

Quote of the Day

"If Sarkozy is right (that the end of Gaddafi's regime is near), then it will be the outcome that hawks on the right have been saying they wanted all along. That it is now on the brink of being achieved five months after the implementation of the no fly zone would seem to suggest that, just maybe, there was actually some wisdom to "leading from behind." At the very least, it exposes the attacks of Krauthammer, Romney and others for what they were: overheated efforts to reinforce the Obama-as-Carter caricature they’ve been pushing since the start of his presidency. Nor is it the first time Obama has defied this caricature: Remember when our "weak" and "na├»ve" president announced that Osama bin Laden -- the man who had eluded George W. Bush for nearly eight years -- had been killed?"

-- Steve Kornacki in Salon


Bill Orvis White said...

Hussein Downgrade Obama has been leading from behind on Khaddafy Duck’s Libya. It’s most likely that these rebels will not be able to take control of Tripoli and what will happen will be a major caliphate that will extend from this region all the way up to Teheran. I believe this will be the start of a massive Mideast War that will unwillingly draw Secular Europe into this disaster -- we all know what happens when those dumb peaceniks get involved in a war: THEY LOSE THEM!

This is why WE THE PEOPLE who possess some shred of common sense – need to stock up on our weapons and food caches today. I’m ready with a fully stocked bunker, are you? Do not be so naive, people!

It’s high time for a real man like Herman Cain or the honorable Gov. Perry to take control of the White House and show real American leadership on this mess.

Now, with those rightful facts rightfully repeated here on this lefty blog, me and Roosevelt are not only working hard for Mr. Cain in this state, but our 535 Project is going strong as well. Socialist-Democrat folk are falling off like flies in the House and Senate. Liberal Senator Feingold is leaving never to return to terrorize the majority conservative folk in Wisconsin. It's hilarious what happened up there: the good folk rejected Socialism, secularism and embraced a pro-business agenda and school choice. This kind of freedom is sweeping the fruited plain like a wildfire! We are excited while the liberals are in a deep depression.

Steven D Skelton said...

Without regard to anything else in the quote:

Neither George W Bush nor Barack Obama had anything to do with the hunting of Bin Laden.

That was done by men and women with far too much honor and love of country to give a flying fuck who was in the white house. These people, for nearly ten years, never tired and never wavered.

To Obama's credit, he made a gutsy fucking call to okay the mission....but I don't think anyone with the mettle to be POTUS would have done it differently.

I have no idea who Steve Kornacki is, but I have nothing but contempt for him right now. Some things are just above political shots and that's one of them.

The credit goes to the guys in the intelligence world who found him and those brave motherfuckers that violated the sovereignty of a nation...a nation with a huge and technologically advanced military..on a mission with 4 helicopters and about 4 dozen soldiers.

God bless the living, and rest the souls of those we lost recently. And God damn any worthless fucking prick that wants to make that about his or her fucking politician.

B8ovin said...

Fuck yeah Steven Skelton! Thank God I live in a country whose most idealistic use of militarism is used only for the good of God. Where everything is based on the merits of heaven's own wishes and never politicized to suit the momentary needs of one faction or another like in those third world grave yards. I agree that at this point in America's history the worst thing said about anything is this God damn discussion of Obama without also talking about men and women doing God's own work on the wings of Angels.

Steven D Skelton said...


You got me stumped dude.

Not sure at all what your diatribe has to do with what I said.

I have a feeling this is an attempt at mockery (at least I hope so, God help you if you're serious.)

It's ironic that you posted that at the site of master mockery.

B8ovin said...

Ok, well let's look at the context of Kornacki's quote. He's talking about the fact that Obama is ridiculed on the right as being soft and weak in regards to foreign policy, particularly militarily. Now you can agree or disagree with that context or you can completely ignore his point and respond with a diatribe concerning the military and security forces involved in the killing of Osama Bin Laden, a point not even tangential to Kornacki's subject. Further, you can damn Kornacki for not writing about what you wish him to write about imposing God on an issue of assassination (good as it may be). Finally, you can turn a political topic into ANOTHER glorification of American military might. But in the end I will respond with mockery for your inability to understand what precisely you are reading. Oddly enough, I don't see any irony in it at all.

Steven D Skelton said...

...a point not even tangential? It was the last sentence of the quote. Furthermore, perhaps it was you with the "inability to understand." After all, the comment is clearly labeled at the top.

"Without regard to anything else in the quote:"