Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Quote of the Day, Jr.

"I guess that's what business does."

-- Eric Cantor on why, during the current FAA shutdown, the nation's airlines are pocketing the billions in tax money they'd normally be paying instead of passing the savings along to consumers

Never has so much been summed up so perfectly in so few words. You know what happens when you give very rich people and very big corporations a tax break these days? Why, they put it back into the economy or use it in a way that will otherwise benefit average Americans, right? Wrong. They hoard it to further increase their comfy bottom line. And how do today's Republicans feel about that kind of thing? Sorry, America -- suck it. That's the way the yacht sails. But by all means keep nodding your heads in agreement when we tell you that naked sociopathy and unrestrained greed are what our forefathers would have wanted for this nation.


kanye said...

And The President and congressional Dems failed to include this issue in the debt-ceiling negotiations because...?

J. Dack said...

They won't be so comfortable when the day comes they finally do put the nail in the rest of our economic coffins and the remaining 98% of us start fucking rioting.

Reminds me of Fight Club. "The people you are after are the people you depend on. We cook your meals, connect your calls, guard you while you sleep. Do not, fuck with us."

jrm78 said...

He could have been even more concise by leaving out the "I guess" part.

Hollan L Read said...

I like it. (Fight Club) Except I don't know. Americans are so apathetic. We are caught in a crumbling and confused system that is heavily guarded on either side so that it will neither sway too far to the right or left. There can't be any real progress without a big push of some sort. I'm thinking of FDR and his welfare reform in the 30's that basically created a better system and took care of the people. We need a leader to take the reins and just do it instead of this constant wishy-washyness disguised as diplomacy. What ARE they so afraid of? I feel like the system we have now holds all of us on this level just short of any control or power, and we are doled out just enough hopeful ideologies to keep us from freaking out and rioting. But you are totally right. The working masses 'are the legs' the government 'stands on and that position deserves respect' To quote Thomas Moore.

J. Dack said...


Yeah, it's true. The 90% or so of us who are employed are too scared of losing what we've got.

The day comes they stop paying the cops and the national guard, then the proverbial shit will get real I think.