Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Picture of the Day

In case you needed something to confirm what you very likely already knew.

The article this graph is from, in today's Salon, I think tries a little too hard to cement the connection between the Tea Party and the traditionally obstructionist, anti-federalist conservatives in the oh-so-white South -- and by that I simply mean that the author doesn't really need to elaborate on iron-clad facts by engaging in semi-tenuous conjecture. Those iron-clad facts speak for themselves.

Regardless, whenever some tea bagging idiot shrieks about how he or she "wants our country back," don't bother trying to fool yourself into thinking you don't know who they're afraid is taking it away from them.


Krash630 said...

I believe they are speaking about the Confederate States of America when they say they want their country back.

MJG said...

When they say "My Country" They mean The Confederate States of America. Johnny Reb dead enders.

David said...

This debt ceiling bullshit has infuriated me to no end, particularly because I happen to be a (fairly) liberal person in Alabama. Everyone around me is screaming about reducing spending and cutting the deficit; however, they refuse to even entertain the idea that the huge corporations and the obscenely rich ought to shoulder some of that burden.

I will never understand how the Republican party has managed to convince so many people to hold opinions that are actually harm themselves.

Janean said...

Yeah -not a shocker. I am surrounded by ignorance.

I've encountered many people that say there is nothing racist about the Tea Party - and they really genuinely believe it too. I think people have to work hard to stay stupid enough to buy this crap. I was raised here in SC by people just like that, but somehow I grew up and figured out they're morons; I think you have to just stick your fingers in your ears whenever you start to encounter reality and yell "La-la-la-la I can't hear you!" to continue to buy the BS.

Anonymous said...

'The oh-so-white South.'

You do know that NEGROS outnumber whites in the South by a wide margin, right?

Didn't think so.

I applaud your ignorance and thank you for spreading it to your followers.

Chez said...

Love it when we're graced by the always entertaining "anonymous." The comment was a reference to those in the South who are white. If that read wrong then I apologize. That said, I'm going to do you the favor of assuming that your use of the word "Negroes" (which you misspelled) wasn't intended to be pejorative. Otherwise you're an asshole anyway and why the hell am I bothering with you?