Friday, August 19, 2011

More Life

First Prometheus, now this. I wish every great director had a late-life crisis like the one Scott's having.

Time: Ridley Scott To Direct New Blade Runner Film/8.18.11


Anonymous said...

If they bring back Harrison Ford for it, they'll have to call it Shiv Power Walker.

Eric said...

I'm only interested if James Edward Olmos stars in it. Otherwise--meh.

Eric said...

Or Edward James Olmos, for that matter. Gah.

IrishGirl said...

Thrilled to hear about a remake. Loved this film and have Director's cut in my permanent collection.

warrenbishop said...

In the articles I've read about it, it won't be a direct sequel, and Deckard and Rachel won't figure.

I think that as long as he decides to go in a new direction, maybe explore what's going on in the off world colonies - it could be cool.

My only question is how do you make the new "Blade Runner" film look new and innovative when the original was so influential, and so often copied.

At the risk of completely contradicting myself - while I'm looking forward to seeing this - I really wish Hollywood would produce more original sci-fi. There are tons of good sci-fi novels out there to adapt. I'd love to see a movie version of "Neuromancer", "New Rose Hotel" or "Altered Carbon".