Monday, August 29, 2011

Listening Post

Still my favorite Soundgarden song -- and I'm posting it this morning for a reason. For those who were paying very close attention a few years back, it was the working title of my little book, Dead Star Twilight.

This is Blow Up the Outside World.

Stay tuned.


Steven D Skelton said...

Best Band to come out of Seattle in the early 90's. Period.

I find it amusing how many bands tried so hard to be Led Zeppelin and failed, and all the while Soundgarden made no effort to copy Zeppelin yet ended up the most Zeppelin like band of the last two generations.

Superunknown reminds of Physical Graffiti (greatest fucking album ever.)

Chez said...

That can be debated endlessly. Most of the bands from that era and region were spectacular. They all brought something special to the table. I think in the end, given their longevity and what they've done with it, Pearl Jam gets the title. Nirvana was the most "important" band, but as I've said more than once I think Foo Fighters wound up being a far, far better band. Alice in Chains had the most might; the oft-overlooked Posies were the best pop band.

And then there's Mother Love Bone. They were rock gods.

Alanna said...

I am staying tuned!