Thursday, August 18, 2011

Listening Post

This is a heartbreakingly touching song from a father to his child, made even more wonderful by one very imperfect live performance.

Here's Drive-By Truckers' Eyes Like Glue.


ntx said...

Father and son. Glad to be both.

Tim McElwee said...

A great exploration of a child growing up from the parent's perspective. I found this while listening to Flip City, which is sort of a mirror image to this song.

Ken said...

It genuineness makes it great, in spite of the singer's apparent lack of talent (or boozed-out state). It's Bob Dylan and Tom Petty meet Blake Shelton and Kurt Cobain. No pretense in this performance, just a certain quality of realness. It was hilarious when he said "I cannot play this fuckin' song, I'm sorry!"