Thursday, August 11, 2011

Listening Post

Singer Simon Collins is the son of Phil Collins, and to listen to him you honestly feel like you've either entered some kind of time warp or have stumbled across a treasure trove of long-lost Genesis B-sides. In other words, he sounds just like his father.

For the most part Collins's music is nothing exceptional, which isn't to say it's bad -- just a little bland. But as a supposed salute to his dad, he did recently record his own version of a classic Genesis song. It's not one of the major hits, but it's always been one of my personal favorites -- a song I really loved when I was growing up -- and so I think it's worth putting up here and soliciting reaction from you nice people.

Here's Simon Collins doing Keep It Dark, originally from the 1981 Abacab album.


Emily said...

Hey Chez,
Thanks for this. I didn't even know this person existed. I agree, he sounds (and looks) just like his dad. I'd almost forgotten about this song, I like it too. My ex-husband used to always refer to P.C. as "Rock and Roll's biggest ass." I saw Genesis live once, in Indianapolis I think. Thanks again, -Emily. (P.S. You're doing a great job on the Bob and Chez Show, don't let Bob mow you down. He came down a little hard on you for the primarying Obama thing, I thought, and misconstrued, really, what you were saying.)

Chez said...

Oh, Bob and I are cool. We're not going to agree on everything but that's sort of the point.

pknaack1 said...

I've been a Phil Collins fan since my first college roommate introduced his music to me. I have a playlist on my iPhone called "Phil" which is over 10 hours long, consisting of my favorites, and I frequently listen all the way through during marathon coding sessions.

As a Phil Collins fan, and a fan of this particular song from Abacab, let me just say.. this version is "pretty good", it would make my playlist... I've listened to it 3 times so far and I still like it.

Sometimes when I hear a song that I know well re-imagined by someone else, it's kind of irritating, because I keep thinking that that's not how it's "supposed" to be and that it's "wrong" or that some element of the original has been lost.

(At this point, i'm starting my 4th iteration. Still good.)

To me, this version has enough similarities to his father's that I don't feel that way, it meets my expectations for what I think this song should be--like Simon "gets" what his father was going for. But at the same time it is different enough to be interesting in it's own right, and effectively weaves in certain newer sounds and techniques found in recent music.

I suspect this youtube version isn't the best transcoding of it, sounds kind of low-bitrate to me. The higher frequencies are flat and I can kinda hear some compression artifacts. (I'm seriously nutso crazio about compression artifacts... once you've written code and spent hours trying to listen for transcoding errors suddenly you start to hear them everywhere!)

That aside, in my opinion, this is an excellent tribute to his dad.