Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Listening Post

There hasn't been a word invented in the English language yet that properly describes how much I love this band, this song, and of course the force of nature that is Amanda Palmer.

I'm even willing to post it knowing that three minutes into this live performance, Lene Lovich appears to pull her usual Klaus Kinski-meets-Yoko Ono shtick and just about bring the whole thing crashing down. I get that she's a new wave legend and all, but she's still annoying as hell.

Here's the Dresden Dolls' Delilah.


timelady said...

Read her latest blog post. What is annoying to you as become one of her trademarks - and many of us love it. She has created an incredible intimacy with her fans. I was lucky enough to meet her at a ninja gig in Australia - a memorable evening for me and all the others there. She is a cool lady - who makes some wicked music. Not everyone will get her, or the way she performs, and that is ok. Just enjoy the music:)

Ken said...

I started watching this, thinking it was going to go into some horrible, Henry Rollins political/social music spiel. By the time "the jester" came out to make a fool of everyone in the court, I felt like this was 4 Non Blonds meets Cyndi Lauper meet The Cure meets The Cranberries (on crack)meets Marianne Faithful. Just as I started thinking "I don't know how much worse these vocals could get", there was mention of Dennys on Route 1. I nearly committed seppuku. Strangely enough, by the end of the performance, I felt strangely immersed - like watching an oddly enjoyable episode of "My So Called Life". Still, I feel like I need to watch Pauly Shore to cleanse this from my soul. What more could I expect to be enjoyed (or not enjoyed, but posted on his blog, anyway) from someone who played in the same clubs as Marilyn Manson?

Chez said...

Those English lessons seem to really be paying off, Ken. You've obviously got a grasp of the language, now all you have to do is learn to string it all together so that it creates coherent sentences.

kanye said...

Hey Ken,

I just sent an email off to Amanda, asking her if she'd willing to remove the reference to Denny's from her song if you'd be willing to make good on the seppuku.

I'll let you know what she says.

Ken said...

Chez, public education does a body wrong, nawmeen?

Kanye, I'd make good on the promise of seppuku, but I haven't the proper equipment for solving a dispute of Samurai dishonor. With some chocolate syrup, a chainsaw and a web cam, I could commit hari kari in a way that would put both Stile Project and Alfred Hitchcock to shame.