Tuesday, August 02, 2011

"First, You've Got To Get Mad"

This is the best thing this Olbermann has ever done. It's damn-near perfect.

Circulate it far and wide.


namron said...

Jon Stewart without the satire. Paul Krugman with some bombast.
Spot on. I have had a standing bet offer since August 2009 that Obama would be re-elected. Until this week, few took me up on the bet. I better withdraw the offer, quickly.

Sheriff Bart said...

Lets rise up! Power to the people! This angry man makes me want to shoot someone! Oh wait... he said not to shoot someone? That makes him not-Beck right?
Then I'm going to not shoot someone!

Luke Weiss said...

namron - time to double down on the bet. there is no chance obama is not re-elected. none.

Tania said...

Fire and indignation and to spare - love it! And he is so right.

But never underestimate the apathy of the lumpen masses, Keith. They won't rise up, and they'll call those who do, unwashed hippies or terrorists....

namron said...

To Luke Weiss:

From your lips to God's ear! But, with the draconian ID laws for voting that many states have now imposed, with the enthusiam "gap" from 2008 among first-time and youth voters, and if the GOP finds a presentable candidate, I fear the worst. Obama's campaign meme may be "I suck but he/she is worse."