Monday, August 15, 2011

Downed Boy

A fantastic -- and very sad -- little piece by the always unapologetically populist Chuck Klosterman on the death of Jani Lane.

Grantland: Klosterman Remembers Warrant's Jani Lane/8.12.11


Busayo said...

I was just rewatching that VH1 'Heavy: the Story of Metal' special the other day. It's rather sad how many musicians who appeared in it have died since then.

RIP, Jani Lane.

Steven D Skelton said...

Lane just had very unfortunate timing.

Ten years earlier, and his music would have been appreciated just for what it was without having to do the hairspray/makeup thing.

Lane just proves that once you sell yourself out, no matter how much you get it usually isn't enough to buy yourself back with.


Ken said...

According to Dave Mustaine of Megadeth, "GLAM means 'Gay LA Music'". Methinks Robin's needle/HIV story may only be a cover. On a more serious note, the autopsy showed that cause of Lane's over-consumption of Cherry Pie. Interestingly enough, my Google search for "Jani Lane dead" returned this result: I guess Bert and Ernie dig Megadeth.

Luke Weiss said...

Mustaine is right. Warrant weren't even remotely "metal"
I have seen at least 3 headlines calling them metal. They were late glam, but mostly just arena-rock hair band. Glam is really bowie, ny dolls, etc.

vera lynn said...

thanks Chez. I always loved Uncle Tom's Cabin and hated Cherry Pie, so I'm good.