Thursday, August 04, 2011

Assistant Quote of the Day

"Sharia Law has nothing to do with this at all, it’s crazy! The guy is an American citizen! (This) Sharia Law business is just crap… and I’m tired of dealing with the crazies."

-- New Jersey Governor Chris Christie defending his appointment of a Muslim-American judge to the state bench

It's sad to think that stating the incredibly obvious -- and perfectly sane -- can constitute an act of courage, but credit where credit is due here. While I haven't always been a fan of Christie's policies, given the current default position within much of the GOP when it comes to stoking xenophobic rage through completely unfounded, nonsense controversies, Christie's verbal smackdown is damn refreshing.

Watch and learn, Herman Cain and Peter King.


Nathan said...

Christie is an old-school Republican. A guy I usually disagree with. A guy who, if I lived in NJ, I'd vote against. But ultimately, not a despicable scumbag merely by virtue of party affiliation.

I'm surprised his own party hasn't lynched him yet.

Chugga said...

I know it's kind of off-topic, but something that I've been curious about: will the debt ceiling deal gut the american dollar further?

Mart said...

I want to give him kudo's but I keep throwing up a little in my mouth.

Liquid said...

I believe the real tragedy is that LOD's standing ovation will appear to be a condescending..."action."

LOD and his staff should schang Christie for an interview.

Playing nice with Christie and purging that Liberal Outrage over torture is the first step towards a blanced budget.

Stephen said...

As a resident of the garden state, I offer this:

He's still a fat douchebag.