Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Thinking Outside the Inbox

Yet another entry in our ongoing series which brings just some of the PR-firm junk e-mail I regularly get to you, the readers.

"Hi Chez,

'If there’s one thing a Sugar Daddy likes more than women, its money,' says Elle, Sugar Baby and Mentor at, 'So when he’s face down in his tuna tartar crunching numbers over his lunch break, he won’t be looking up at you.', the niche dating site where 'romance meets finance,' announces today the 'Top Sugar Dating Hot Spots' in ten cities across the country. Uncovered in each of the website’s top markets, compiled through online polling and responses via the SugarSugar Blog, as well as member feedback, this list will help guide sugar daters to the right place at the right time, helping singles make that first connection with someone who could literally be the girl or guy next door.

And the winners are:

(She goes on to list the 'winners')

For more information about, or for interview requests, please feel free to contact me.



And now, my response (and I in fact did write exactly this back to her):

Come on, Kelly -- there's no freaking way you're actually enjoying this job.

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kanye said...

Oh Dude, you've gotta shoot her a follow-up email...send her a Youtube link of Woody Harrelson singing The Kelly Song.