Wednesday, July 13, 2011

"Suck It Up and Cope"

Proving the old adage about a broken clock, the normally intolerable David Sirota masterfully chronicles the ten most profoundly infuriating examples of America's wealthiest telling America's struggling -- basically everybody else -- to go fuck themselves.

It reads like great moments in utter tone-deafness, and it's guaranteed to make your blood pressure rocket and make you want to see guillotines returned to the public square as quickly as possible.

Salon: The New "Let Them Eat Cake!"/7.13.11


brite said...

If you read a little history, you find that the French Revolution was unbelievably bloody and violent...the guillotine was the law & order of its time, but beaucoup de sang bleu ran in the streets as mobs hunted down the wealthy and privileged, destroyed their properties and dragged their carcasses through the streets of Paris (and many a smaller village as well). If history repeats, I foresee terrible trouble in one of the globe's most heavily armed nations.

Anonymous said...

At $500,000 a year I could have zero debt and retire in five years (or at least work at whatever I'd like to), maximum, with enough invested in the right places to live quite comfortably the rest of my life.

Unbelievable anyone could have the audacity to say that's unworkable if you live within your means (SURPRISE! Few do anymore).

Steve said...

If only I had any confidence that the pitchfork mob would actually figure out the right people to blame.

Anonymous said...

On an unrelated note I've seen that ATM receipt picture on elsewhere on the internet. Based on the amount shown I'm guessing either Photoshop or some kind of error in the bank software although not the kind that awards you $100 million but the kind that jacks up what's printed on the receipt.

Considering FDIC insurance is what, $250k per account? I thought most of the time the rich make their money off investments and various financial fund voodoo, loopholes and offshore stuff. Seems like it would be pretty stupid to keep $100 million in your bank savings account accruing interest at a lousy 3%.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous here again. I read the Salon piece and apparently its accurate. That's pretty nuts.

L. said...

Coincidentally, 'suck it up and cope' is also the mantra of the wives/girlfriends of most of the men quoted in that Salon piece.