Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Quote of the Day

"I’m ready to drive the car."

-- GOP Rep. Allen West of Florida

West reportedly stood up and said this after watching a clip of -- prepare to make the disconsolately confused Daffy Duck face -- Ben Affleck's The Town, which House Republicans have apparently watched as a kind of motivational tool during the current debt ceiling debate. The scene in question features Affleck's character approaching Jeremy Renner's character and saying, "I need your help. I can't tell you what it is; you can never ask me about it later, and we're gonna hurt some people," to which Renner responds, "Whose car are we gonna take?"

Get it? Allen West says he'll drive.

So the Republicans are watching a movie about bank robbers to get themselves pumped for battle. And this was leaked presumably to strike fear into the hearts of their enemies, so that everyone could know just what kind of testosterone-filled bad-asses the GOP is made of. And Allen West is, of course, assuming the role of the murderously crazy guy in the movie, the one who goes down in a hail of police gunfire. I swear, if this weren't so catastrophically sad it would be hilarious. You just can't make this kind of adolescent crap up anymore.

Still, there's never been a better metaphor than whack-job Allen West being handed the keys to a car -- which he'll then drive right over a cliff, with all of us in it.

"We're gonna hurt some people."


Update: Affleck is now responding to the fact that the House Republicans appear to be his new biggest fans by saying, "I don't know if this is a compliment or the ultimate repudiation." He then goes on to suggest the GOP watch another film he starred in, one he feels is more appropriate for them: The Company Men. I've actually got an even better suggestion, the most obvious one of all.


Anonymous said...

"Whose care are we gonna take?"

Did you mean 'car'?

Chez said...

Yes, I meant car. I'm stressed right now and writing too quickly.

Steve said...

Although "Whose care are we gonna take" might be a more apt activity for this tea party congress.

David Davies said...

I live in the UK. Do these daft twats not realise that it's not just the USA that they're royally fucking over?

You guys default and thats it; kaput, gone, BLAMMO.

The world economy destroyed for a generation. It's obviously going to be worse for you guys as you'll be poor AND have tossers like West as your Dropped-On-Their-Head-As-A-Baby Overlords, but it sure as hell ain't going to be a picnic for the rest of us either.

Chez said...

No, see, David, you don't matter because you're one'a'them foreigners and we're AMERICA and we're in charge so we gotta stick by our God, our constitution, our guns and all that other happy horseshit. You're just some European liberal elitist tryin' to interfere in our affairs.

The great irony that these clowns of course don't grasp is that there's no better proof of "American exceptionalism" -- as they're so fond of saying -- than the fact that we have the ability to torpedo the entire global economy.

Ref said...

Yup. These asshats really think that they represent only themselves and the crazies who voted for them. Nobody else counts.

Nick said...

I’ve worked for the Feds the last 20 years and seen some crazy shit, but nothing like this.

The actual Secretary of BlahBlahBlah visited us here in the hinterlands yesterday and spoke for over an hour about how no one in WDC could give you even odds over how this will turn out. This guy's a former senator, a two-term governor and now a cabinet level Secretary and he's at a loss over this ball's up. It was crushing to listen to.

Congress, which really only must annually complete one Constitutional task, has abdicated the entire country to the spiteful children in its midst’s.

And as if that wasn’t enough, when (and if) the debt ceiling question is settled, Congress then has to come up with a budget for FY12, which starts in 66 days…

Anonymous said...

I remember reading a book, one of those LOTR-knock offs. As part of its plot, a nation got so fed up with the incompetent rule of their ministers that every citizen packed their shit, marched to the neighboring kingdom and offered their whole country to the king, on whatever conditions he saw fit. In their minds, slavery under an efficient monarch > basic human rights under self-serving, greedy politicians.

What I'm saying is, anyone up for a trip to London?