Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Quote of the Day

"What was the point of giving a prime-time address to the nation, without an Obama plan?"

-- Former CNN correspondent Ed Henry's very first question in the White House press room as a newly minted Fox News correspondent

I see the obligatory reeducation camp regimen, as usual, worked splendidly.

Actually, Henry was always a bit of a weasely little hack, so this isn't that far a jump for him.

Incidentally, I love people who continue to make the diversionary argument that it's somehow the responsibility of the President of the United States to come up with a plan to solve the debt ceiling fight. The last time I checked, the executive branch didn't create legislation; the president is not a lawmaker. Obama submits proposals for the budget and makes it clear what he will and won't approve on this current fight -- and he has, more than once -- but ultimately it's Congress's responsibility to put together a sensible plan. And as for the howling about how Obama spends too much, as the House Republicans are so fond of saying, Congress controls the purse strings -- hence why the GOP pulled them wide open during the Bush years without even a peep of complaint. Regardless, Obama has made his position clear from the start and has in fact moved to the right since then, at his own peril. The House Republicans, meanwhile, refuse to compromise on the most important issues standing in the way of meaningful progress here and are the ones who have brought the country to the edge of catastrophe in the name of shameful dick-swinging.


Robo said...

"shameful dick-swinging"

Oxymoron? Just asking...

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