Sunday, July 03, 2011

Quote of the Day

"Jon's goal every night is to inform and illuminate, and to be funny while doing so. Whatever Jon's political leanings, he is an equal-opportunity comedian and satirist. Whether you're black, brown, green or purple, whether you're Hispanic, White, African-American, Arab or Chinese, whether you're liberal, conservative, libertarian or just plain apolitical, Jon just goes where the funny is (and sometimes it's the jugular). Nobody gets a pass. And that's exactly the way it should be."

-- Rick Sanchez on Jon Stewart

Sanchez goes on to say that he was wrong to call Stewart a bigot last year, an unfortunate career move since it provided incoming CNN management with the perfect excuse to fire him. For the record, he's defending Stewart and The Daily Show against accusations of racism and an overt liberal bias by quixotic conspiracy theorist and senile old man Bernie Goldberg -- and that wins Sanchez plenty of bonus points in my book.


vera lynn said...

damn skippy. never much cared for him, but I didn't watch CNN then either. I love the faux war on Stewart. it does a heart good.

Dan Coyle said...

Any enemy of Bernie Goldberg's is a friend of mine. I've actually read Goldberg's Bias, and while he actually makes some good points in the back half of the book about truth vs. the hesitancy about scaremongering, the front half is filled with meandering and bitching about the high school atmosphere of CBS news... never once realizing that this all started when he went behind everyone's back and wrote an editorial criticizing them without even bothering to raise his objections to them personally.

The fact that, eight years later, he's still only a guest on shows and a contributor to that hard hitting news program Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel even after Bush himself was spotted reading the book speaks to how much he probably actually sucks as a professional.

Anonymous said...

I think it is quite amusing that the right (and Fox News especially) feel the need to discredit Jon Stewart. It is a sad admission that the Daily Show is a more credible news source.

Kevin M. Hagerman said...

I'll give him a lot of points for this, but he's still at negative ∞ for the bigot thing in the first place.

Benoit from Ottawa said...

But Kevin (M. Hagerman), saying someone's a bigot is almost the same as saying they're biased -- and that kind of accusation can stand to be made (in general I mean, whether it applies to Stewart is a matter of opinion). Seems to me fair game, and not something that condemns a man forever. Especially a more spontaneous type like Sanchez.

I think this latest statement should weigh heavily in the balance, on the other side.

CNNfan said...

Megan Fox slips into teeny bikini, and CNN management fired Sanchez last year.

Megan Fox slips into teeny bikini, and Sanchez defends The Daily Show.

Megan Fox slips into teeny bikini, and Sanchez criticizes Bernie Goldberg.


dandyhook said...

Meh, Sanchez gets no points from me. I don't trust the bad things he says and I certainly won't trumpet the good because he seems like the kinda guy who is inauthentic and trolling to get a relative comment out there.

Bill Orvis White said...

Jon Stewart, Racist-in-Chief, pure and simple. I think Mr. Goldberg hit the head on the nail with this one, Chez because Mr. Goldberg is a fellow Hebrew. A fellow Heeb can spot a Godless bigot in his tribe. I really got to like this Goldberg fella and that other one, Dick Morris. These are smart guys who love to tell the truth.