Monday, July 25, 2011

Quote of the Day, Jr.

"The next thing that I would like to be publicly acknowledged is not just that they’re ideological -- they’re not just the TV equivalent of The Weekly Standard or something -- they are actually a power base within the Republican Party."

-- Gawker's John Cook on Fox News

Cook and Gawker are filing suit against the office of New Jersey Governor Chris Christie today. The reason: They want access to e-mails between Christie and Fox News Chief Roger Ailes because Cook believes it's very possible that Ailes is secretly advising Christie on his political career. The thing is, he is advising him -- and he's not even bothering to do it in secret. Fox News is the power base of the Republican party and when Ailes gives you advice, which he has to Christie, you generally take it because Fox stands as your personal megaphone and propaganda engine and Ailes can make or break you.

Remember what I said last week about the danger of having a direct connection between a massive media corporation and American politics? This is what I was talking about.

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