Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Perry, Dodge, Spin, Thrust

Wow, a hyper-conservative Republican governor from Texas who thinks we need to put this country firmly into God's hands. Where the hell have I heard that before?

Call me naïve but I have to believe that the American public isn't this willfully stupid.


Eric said...

My main takeaway: I really want to be in a band called Not True Godless Mancube!

Look for NTGM! to open for Arcade Fire in 2013. With a name like ours, how's it not gonna happen.

Anonymous said...

I always wonder how many of these guys actually truly believe the religious crap they say and how many just do it as lip service to attract the prepackaged political base of religious conservatives.

Wasn't there a book written a while back by a staffer or aide in the Bush administration where in part of it he revealed that behind closed doors they mocked the Jesus freak part of their party?

littlebitoffeisty said...

I love the Bugs Bunny reference

TheReaperD said...

What is it about Texas that breeds these people? Do we need to decontaminate the water or nuke them from orbit, just to be sure?