Sunday, July 17, 2011

Noose Corp

Hoo boy.

"The MPS has this afternoon, Sunday 17 July, arrested a female in connection with allegations of corruption and phone hacking. At approximately 12.00 hrs a 43-year-old woman was arrested by appointment at a London police station by officers from Operation Weeting together with officers from Operation Elveden and is currently in custody."

That female would be Rebekah Brooks, who just a few days ago resigned as the head of News International.

A couple of thoughts upon reading this:

1. That sound you hear is Rupert Murdoch's ass puckering up.

2. Wow, someone who likely engaged in a white-collar criminal conspiracy actually being arrested instead of, you know, bailed out to the tune of billions and then handed the car keys again like nothing ever happened. Imagine that.

3. Leave it to the Brits make their undercover police operations sound like they're characters from Middle-Earth.


countryjoe said...

Pass the popcorn. Going to be a terrific show.

Nick said...

The Brits absolutely hate it when one of their own puts a wrong foot forward, especially in a public fashion.

And if that same individual has spent the better part of the last decade buggering them, well, there will be blood in the dockets...

Nathan said...

1. The FBI is now investigating whether or not Jude Law's phone was hacked while he was at JFK Airport which would make it prosecutable here.

2. I'm gonna go out on a limb and predict that, in spite of U.S. Press gleefully following this story, it's going to come out that somebody in mainstream media here was doing exactly the same thing. It may not have been corporate policy, but if it could be done, somebody was doing it. (Or, at least, can you say Paparazzi checking celebrity GPS?)

vera lynn said...

I love the way the British name their operations too!

Busayo said...

The London Met Police Commissioner resigned a few hours ago.

Someone pass me that popcorn, this is going to be amazing.

Chez said...

It already is.

Steve said...

Why do I feel like Murdoch is going to be in the same shape as Mubarak in short order?

Can you imagine the jockeying within the family right now? Talk about Shakespearean.

Though I feel like as much as we all want this to bleed over here to Ailes, he'll come out of this thing stronger than ever. Hope I'm wrong about that.

Sam Lowry said...

If, as it is reported, the FBI starts an investigation into whether or not phones were hacked here in the US, how long will it be before Fox "News" advances the meme "Obama's FBI attempts to silence Fox" or something like that? That's when the real party starts.

Thomas B said...

It was all fun and games for the British public when the hacking victims were just Royalty, politicians, and celebrities. All good, but not-so-clean fun.

But just like any other Western society, as soon as murdered kids, the honour of fallen troops and terrorism victims came into the fray, the outrage began. My Aussie wife doesn't think Murdoch's going anywhere; but I sense this getting worse, and then getting worse, and then getting worse again.

As has been stated before on this comment page, "Please pass the popcorn. I'm enjoying this immensely."