Monday, July 25, 2011

Listening Post

A month or so ago I posted Cold's Stupid Girl, a really great song co-written by Rivers Cuomo. At the time I said that it stood out among the band's material, because the rest of their stuff was basically generic hard rock of the Nickelback/Creed school.

Well, something about being that close to Cuomo's weirdness must've lit a spark under them, because Cold's brand new album, Superfiction, is one of the year's best little surprises. It's powerful, catchy and it shows the band doing some pretty serious evolving.

Above is the first single from Superfiction, Wicked World -- below are two more tracks, the first has singer Scooter Ward doing a pretty good Alex Turner (from the Arctic Monkeys) impression, and the second actually sounds quite a bit like Coldplay.

It's So Long, June and Flight of the Superstar.

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