Thursday, July 07, 2011

Listening Post

In August, deluxe editions of basically every album these guys have made will be released -- and I'll rejoice appropriately. This is still one of my favorite songs of the early 90s, maybe because its unabashedly bombastic sound and Brett Anderson's new-wave-Alan-Cumming-in-Cabaret persona stood in such sharp contrast to everything that was going on musically at the time. And that made it ballsy as hell.

Rumor has it, by the way, that Ricky Gervais was instrumental in getting these guys signed. Which I love saying just because it allows me to think of Gervais saying "mental."

Here's Suede's The Drowners.


Thomas B said...

Speaking of Ricky Gervais -- were you aware he was in a 1983 New Wave band called Seona Dancing?

Here's a clip from them called "Bitter Heart".

Anonymous said...

You can download these reissues on already for $8.99 each!