Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Lefty Behind

From PPP's survey of 574 GOP primary voters nationwide.

Of course Obama wouldn't be taken in the Rapture. He has to stay here and fight Jesus in a 153-day worldwide cage match before he's finally cast down into the lake of fire once and for all.

(via Slate)


IrishGirl said...

If Palin is going then I am on my knees begging for the Rapture to happen as soon as possible! C'mon big guy in the sky, make my day!

Nick said...

Bet we'll have to obtain ducats through fuckin' Ticketmaster, too.

drater said...

If Palin goes, I stay. Come to think of it, I'll probably have to stay regardless.

Eric said...

Can we make a list of Rapture candidates? Please? They all go at once, no waiting around or queuing up or anything, right? Fsssk, gone, blink of the eye, whisked away to the hereafter and we're all done with them?