Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Jury Tampering

The always great Gary Tuchman just made a terrific point on CNN about the possible repercussions of Nancy Grace's one-witch crusade against anyone and everyone associated with the Casey Anthony acquittal: Who the hell's going to want to step up and serve on a jury after this, knowing that if they turn in a verdict that doesn't roundly satisfy the public's need for blind vengeance they'll be vilified night after night on national television to the point where their lives might actually be put in danger?

Is that not reason alone for CNN to reconsider its position on continuing to give this unholy monster a platform from which to rage on?


The Bacon said...

I would relish the opportunity. I can't think of anything more satisfying than to be given a platform from which to tell the world exactly what I think of Nancy Grace.

Easily worth risking life for.

Amy B. said...

The sad thing is that people don't want to serve on a jury at all, no matter that it's a civic responsibility.

I really think (hope?) this case is an anomaly as far as The Idiot Hunter Queen blowing her horn for retribution, though, so I'm not sure I agree 100%. Not that I need any reason to want the TV screen. There's too many stupid people in this country to have her influencing anyone.

CNNfan said...

That might be reason enough to let Nancy make an appearance for CNN in the next blockbuster movie.

Watch CNN's Nancy Grace everywhere, on your phone, TV, computer, Underwater Remotely Operated Vehicle Submarine Cam, Spacecraft Control Monitor, or wherever there's adventure.

Burns said...

Take a look at this little gem of an incident in Oklahoma

Of course, there's nothing in there saying how this woman was pushed to exact her vengeance, she might just be garden variety crazy - but I can't help but think that the media's got more than a little blame here. That's what happens when you give idiots dangerously small amounts of actual information and then couch it all in your personal flavor of spin.