Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Friends with Benefits

You know something? Piers Morgan should do himself a favor and go back to not talking about the News Corp scandal. Via his Twitter feed:

"'You're shown immense guts, Mr Murdoch.' Hysterical. This has all gone horribly wrong for the anti-Murdoch brigade."

And you thought the biggest hack was the one the News of the World pulled on the voicemail of Milly Dowler.


Aislinn said...

Another tweet: 'Hilarious - the MPs now publicly apologising to Rupert. Tomorrow's headlines: 'Sorry Rupert.'

It's one thing to not talk about this news because you feel you owe the guy one for your career. It's another to say shit like this.

Chez said...

I admit that he's in a bind because he probably needs to say something -- and I'm not hammering just because he happens to have an opinion I don't agree with. But the cheerleading is ridiculous. Morgan's always been a hack, though, so I shouldn't be surprised that he'd sycophantically suck up to Murdoch and defend him to the death.