Thursday, July 28, 2011

Fault Lines

The Nation's Ari Melber spells out simply and concretely what the debt ceiling fight is about (and here's a hint: both sides aren't equally to blame for it):

"This fight started with a partisan threat to sabotoge the economy in order to extract policy concessions, but then, when Democrats offered most of the concessions, it ricocheted and morphed into something else: a high-stakes lightning round of intramural GOP posturing. Right now, we are living through a Republican primary for economic policy. The results may hurt the nation -- an externality that Republicans have widely acknowledged, lending bite to their bark -- and no one seems to know what you do with an army that wants to keep fighting after there’s no land left to conquer."

Melber goes on to pick apart the "balance bias" America's journalists regularly engage in and how, especially when it comes to the debt ceiling story, its inherent dishonesty screws us all.

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