Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Debt or Alive

Playing the role of the harbinger of doom today will be Oliver Willis -- and I find it hard to disagree with him or anyone else who feels this way anymore.

"We face gigantic problems in the country and in the world. But our political machinery is simply incapable of even acknowledging the problems, much less fixing them. An economy paralyzed by job loss is being discussed as a debt problem, for Christ’s sake... We are doomed."

How bad is it right now? How shameful and embarrassing? Our government is seriously putting us in danger of defaulting, which will not only create economic chaos for us -- potentially thwarting any hope of a recovery and in fact very likely plunging us into an all-out depression -- but the shockwaves for the global economy could be calamitous. What's more, it's doing it over an entirely made-up crisis, mostly because the GOP and the Tea Party, I truly believe, would be willing to burn the whole country to the ground as long as it meant that Obama would be forced out of the White House.

Worrying about an eventual problem like the federal deficit instead of dealing with the immediate and grievous problem of nationwide unemployment is an almost incomprehensible lapse in logic. The Republicans are constantly lecturing about how Washington supposedly needs to conduct itself the way businesses and average American families do -- well, how many businesses and families do you know that put aside dealing with a crisis happening today in favor of one that will happen years from now? Even worse, who would be flat-out stupid and stubborn enough to do it knowing full-well that taking care of today's problem would actually help solve tomorrow's? If the economy begins running at full-capacity again, the deficit could be hacked down piece by piece. We've done it before -- as recently as the 1990s.

I swear, there are moments right now when I think we deserve to be invaded and have our government taken away from us for the greater good of everyone. We're now a threat to the entire world -- and isn't that the reason we always give for why a sovereign nation needs to be overthrown? Of course I don't really want that, but at what point will all of this finally stop?


nicole473 said...

I firmly believe that Obama will not allow a default to happen. He has a back-up plan.

Oliver has gone overboard with his predictions of doom.

(feel free to shove this remark in my face if said default occurs ;))

Steve said...

My hope is that, if necessary, Obama will, with great tortured fanfare, be forced to invoke the 14th Amendment solution and it makes him look like the only one with the best interest of the country within 20 clicks of DC.

Where do I get this cock-eyed optimism? Because, according to the New York Times, "The old John McCain is back" baby!

Nevermind that if you search on that phase and its variations lazy ass political reporters have been claiming this for at least half a decade. Maybe they mean "old" in the literal sense, since he is that.

Also, adding to the overall atmosphere of utter hopeless doom, the NYT Magazine picks this week to do a big feature on James O'Keefe? Jeebus help us.

J. Dack said...

I'm starting to think the GOP is standing so stubbornly behind its "NO. We will let this motherfucker burn if you don't give us what we want" stance because they think they're playing a game of chicken.

They must think O and the Dems are so weak that they'll eventually pussy out at the last minute.

This country's government has turned into a high school movie.

Riles said...

The Republicans are constantly lecturing about how Washington supposedly needs to conduct itself the way businesses and average American families do...

I was thinking about this point over the weekend, after meeting a full-blown Tea Party member and later watching Nick Gillespie act like an asshole on Real Time. They both said it's no big deal if the US defaults, as long as we pay the interest. If you're a business or an average family and the S&P was threatening to downgrade your credit rating/score, you bet your ass you would make sure that wouldn't happen. Now, expand that to a national and global scale, and it's not a big deal!?! Just insane.

Anonymous said...

For all their bullshit...I am fucking jealous. hear first term members of the House actually drawing a line in the sand and standing up for what they believe their constituents want and damn what others say...

I really...really wish that any member of the democrats would show even a modicum of the same integrity for their supporters.

Don't get me wrong, I think these people are incredibly dangerous in their infantile understanding of national policy, but I think it is disingenuous to assume that they solely want the president to fail. The idea that their position is something as simple as "anything to fuck the black dude in charge" pretty much ignores the fact that a growing number of Americans want the US on firmer financial footing and they see the massive federal debt as a major issue. I think it is far to easy to just assume these people are assholes and to ignore that they honestly believe that their position is the right path for the US.

Like I said...I don't agree with them...but damnit, I really wish Obama and company would act a bit more like them.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, defaulting on our debt hardly places us on firmer financial footing by any definition of the phrase.

The Republicans are playing brinkmanship with the debt ceiling because they are betting that Obama will cave in at the last second. If he doesn't? They will simply blame him for the default and gloss over the heavy losses sustained by the rest of us little people as necessary casualties of war.

This is a terrible but natural progression following from American culture regressing to a toddler state. We want to play with your toy, but no, you can't play with ours. If you tell us anything we don't want to hear, it's time for a tantrum.