Friday, July 22, 2011

Dark Humor

Last night I tweeted that the most hilariously shocking line that's probably been uttered on any TV comedy in years was tossed out on Louie.

This is what I was referring to -- the line about the nuts.

Time: Louie Watch: Your Beloved Racist Aunt/7.22.11


Anonymous said...

From the linked to article: “in a twist that's a bit sitcommy but also effective—she drops dead in the kitchen, having just lived long enough to leave her great-great-nieces with that memory.”

I wonder if Louis CK is a fan of Stuart Dybek. The exact scenario – an old racist woman spouts something ugly and then dies – features prominently in his novella “Chopin In Winter”.
CVille Bob

Krash630 said...

That's what my great-grandmother called Brazil nuts. We always thought she was too mean to die.

Doc said...

My dad loves to tell a story from about 5 years ago when my mom tried shouting to my dad at the grocery store 'Do we need any nigger toes?' a few times until he would stop laughing and respond to her.

My mom still says 'Well what am I supposed to call them??' indignantly.

When I moved to Atlanta she was adamant I not live where 'the blacks live'. lol Kinda hard to do here!

Sheriff Bart said...

Back when I was waiting tables for a living I had a private room filled with 8 elderly ladies. They were celebrating one of their friend's 80th birthdays. Needless to say they were all white and were all old and were all very adorable. As the party wound down and I was clearing plates, I came around to the birthday girl's place and she offered me a bowl of Brazil nuts saying in a very innocent old lady voice, "Would you like a nigger toe?"
I was dumbfounded, I honestly didn't know what to say. Not only had I never heard the term before, I was also in a position to accept or deny a hand full of nigger toes being offered to me by a nice old lady.
She was adorable.
Her and her nigger toes.