Thursday, July 21, 2011

Cash Into Me: Day 4

Yet another friendly reminder that we're in the middle of our big Summer Pledge Drive around here. I know that most of you are naked in a bathtub filled with ice right now, but when you finally reduce your body temperature back to human levels, please take a few minutes to show a little love to this site.

If you feel like you can contribute, the best way to do it is to click the link in the right-hand sidebar of the screen and drop some money into the electronic tip jar. Remember not to bother with my book, Dead Star Twilight, at the moment because I'll be adjusting the availability of it pretty soon and you'll want to wait until that happens.

Now you know that from this point forward not only will you be able to read my genial wise-assery here at DXM, but once a week you'll have the opportunity to let me whisper sweet, sweet vulgarities in your ear as co-host of the newly rechristened Bob and Chez Show podcast, which I'm doing with Bob Cesca. And isn't that worth something to you?

To those who've already helped out during our pledge drive, your contributions are appreciated and I can't thank you enough for them. Also, another special round of shout-outs -- this time to Gordon Jennings, Chris C. and the lovely Rhonda -- for going above and beyond the call of duty. Your generosity just humbles the hell out of me.

As always, thanks for reading, kids.

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Anonymous said...

Congrats on the new gig, Chez. I know that you'll need some new schmooze-threads. You do us proud. Keep it up.