Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Cash Into Me: Day 3

Another friendly reminder that we're in the middle of our big Summer Pledge Drive around here. I know that a good number of you don't have any money at the moment because the paper stuff spontaneously caught fire and burned up along with most of your other possessions and of course the coins are too hot to touch -- but if you have a couple of bucks the solar flare hasn't cooked just yet, I hope you can see your way clear to throwing them at a silly website instead of buying a room air conditioner for you and your family.

If you do feel like you can contribute, the best way to do it is to click the link in the right-hand sidebar of the screen and drop some money into the electronic tip jar. Remember not to bother with my book, Dead Star Twilight, at the moment because I'll be adjusting the availability of it pretty soon and you'll want to wait until that happens.

As far as I know, the big announcement I've been sitting on for the past week or so will be revealed tomorrow. I have to admit that I'm kind of looking forward to spilling the details because what's happening is something I'm excited about and I hope you'll think it's at least mildly cool too.

To those who've already stepped up and helped out during our pledge drive, your contributions are very much appreciated and I'm humbled that the nonsense I spew here is important enough to you to actually pay for. I can't help but think that there's something very wrong with you -- but I'm incredibly grateful. A special shout-out to Helen Stepp, Matthew Graves, Fausto R. and Joss for going above and beyond the call of duty. You guys rule.

And so do the rest of you for reading.

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