Wednesday, July 27, 2011


I like Peter Berg -- I really do. I thought The Kingdom was a smarter-than-it-should've-been action movie, The Rundown showed a good amount of comic flair, and of course Friday Night Lights was flat-out terrific.

But this -- this honestly looks like it could very well be the worst movie ever made.

Gawker: Please Sink This Battleship/7.27.11

The tagline should be: "Battleship: You knew it was going to suck, but you had no idea it would suck this hard."


Amy said...

Two words

Alexander SkarsgÄrd

It might be worth it to see him all giant on a screen...

Busayo said...

So I guess Liam 'Unleash the Kraken!' Neeson will be the one saying That Line?

Anonymous said...

You know they are going to hack into the dialogue "You sank my battleship".

As a navy vet, I can tell you that no other branch has the worst, most illogical, far fetched crap about their branch shoved into modern movies. What the hell is the line about being the fastest enlisted to make officer rank? That is retarded. The Seaman to Admiral program has existed for decades. Basically any enlisted can apply for it.

Also, considering that pretty much are most viable Battleships are currently museums, this film is beyond retarded. is it the Marines get "Full Metal Jacket", the Army get "Black Hawk Down", and we get "Top Gun", "Hunt for Red October" and a slew of other stuff straight out of fantasy land. Its sad that "Down Periscope" is the most accurate film involving the US navy in the last 20 years (due solely to its depiction of the typical enlisted electricians mate and mess specialist).

L. said...

I keep reading 'Battleship' as 'Battlestar' everywhere.

On a related by my divvy brain note: Fuck this, gimme a Battlestar Galactica movie. If Hollywood is going to continue to be a creative wasteland and churn out adaptations and remakes of previous properties (and board games), the least they could do is put out a movie that continues something decent I actually liked once in awhile. I'm sure if they threw enough money into the associated writers/actors/directors it could happen.

warrenbishop said...

I'd actually prefer a big-screen version of "Dune" or "Neuromancer"; however I have to agree with Chez - this does look horrible.

This is what we deserve though, the Transformers movies were idiotic, racist, crap - yet they made hundreds of millions of dollars; so the studios are going to serve up more of the same.

There's that saying "In a democracy you get the government you deserve." I guess the same thing is true with movies.