Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Assistant To the Quote of the Day

"I’m not comparing my situation to the gulag, but I speak truth to power. You’d think liberal baby boomers would support me. Isn’t that what the ’60s were all about? Do we really want political prisoners in America?"

-- James O'Keefe, indirectly comparing the terms of his probation which keep him in New Jersey unless otherwise authorized to the confinement of Soviet dissident Alexander Solzhenitsyn

You just knew that O'Keefe would have a persecution complex and that he'd express it in the most melodramatic terms possible. Read the New York Times article this quote came from -- his laugh-out-loud silliness doesn't stop there.

Course now that I think about it he may have a point. At least in the gulag you're not surrounded by this.


Anonymous said...

When does he develop the messiah complex? What a douchebag.

Ref said...

This little creep functions as a truthless, manipulative, political operative and wants us to see him as the American equivalent of Solzhenitsyn. If there were any real justice, he'd be mocked, excoriated, and forgotten.