Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Assistant Quote of the Day

"When I see anyone with an Obama 2012 bumper sticker, I recognize them as a threat to the gene pool."

-- Rep. Allen West writing in Red Country

Yeah, I get what you mean, Allen...

I especially like that last one, which seems like a pretty nice sentiment until you realize that Psalm 109:8 essentially translates into a prayer for Obama to die. Man, Allen, you're totally right -- these people with Obama stickers are idiots. What's more, you know they screw a lot and are constantly creating even more uneducated white-trash assholes, making them, as you said, a real danger to the gene pool.

Oh, wait -- you were talking about people with pro-Obama stickers? My bad.

Seriously, is there ever gonna come a point where West's cup of dangerous crazy finally tops off?


Jeffrey said...

Worrying about the gene pool is awfully close to acknowledging evolution, which every good republican knows is a bunch of voodoo. It was probably an honest mistake by Allen West. God fearing Christians are too smart to believe in science.

J. Dack said...

Makes me wonder if much of this is just a way to convince all his very, very white camarades that he's on their side despite being black.

But he's probably just straight up loco.

Mart said...

West was elected by old white people for standing up to a terrorist and foolishly being kicked out of the Army for his efforts. He illegally fired his weapon next to an Iraqi detainees ear getting the Iraqi to provide false positive ID's to stop West's torture. So the Army collects a bunch of Iraqi's and ends up with nothing, leading to his discharge. West says maybe he had poor judgement.

The good news for the dumb ass old white people who elected West is he is now working his ass off to strip SS and Medicare benefits from them. W/S points this out and West goes looney tunes.

L. said...

With bumper stickers, I don't get it. Do people get them (in general) to intentionally piss people off?

I'm usually one transgression away from purposeful vehicular manslaughter when driving, the last thing I need is to see a folksy Sarah Palin quote on the SUV that cut me off to bring my rage to a boiling point.

Also, I'm pretty sure the gene pool's about 80% piss by now anyway. As you pointed out, dumb people love to breed.

I honestly think it's quite likely that the average IQ is no longer 100. The outliers on the high end can't possibly counterbalance those on the low end who aren't wise enough to embrace birth control.