Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Al Jeering

Okay, so I'm sitting here working and I've got MSNBC on in the background. Given that it's six o'clock and therefore time for The Cenk Uygur Mush-Mouth Hour, I was ready to get up and change the channel when what I saw made me freeze in my tracks and made my jaw drop.

I think I remember hearing something about the Reverend Al Sharpton being given a fill-in gig on MS, but I figured it must've been the result of some absurdist, feverish dream I had after eating Mexican food too close to bedtime.

Al Sharpton. As an anchor on an NBC property. Al fucking Sharpton.

I've now been sitting here watching it in disbelief and I'm hoping that somebody can at least tell me that this is Sharpton's first night on-air in an official capacity, because what I'm seeing and hearing at the moment -- the incoherent shouting, the inability to complete a thought, the jarring pauses and painfully amateurish moments of dead-air -- leaves me thinking that there's simply no way in hell that the largest media organization in the world would allow an embarrassing, unmitigated disaster like this to happen twice.

This preening, pompous ass shouldn't have been given the reins of a show to begin with, but if NBC has anything approaching a specimen cup full of credibility left -- and call me crazy, I know -- it'll pull him off the air as quickly as possible. It's one thing to have made a conscious decision to lean progressive -- it's another thing entirely to try to play to that demographic's dumbest common denominator by surrendering its air to the left's most shameless, carnival-barking boob.


Donal said...

No, he was on last night, too.

John Foley said...

The Cenk Uygur Mush-Mouth Hour is fucking classic.

Mart said...

Beware of the Grifters, no matter their political stripe. They steal from the poor and keep it. They only show remorse for their sins when they screw-up so bad they lose their cover and are sentenced to jail.

Al Sharpton is a prime Grifter from the "left". From the "right" we still hear from these criminal Grifters - Grover Norquist and Ralph Reed. (Google w/ Jack Abramoff who took the fall for them).

Pete P said...

he's been on since last week. it's pretty painful.

kanye said...

You call what MSNBC is doing "lean[ing] progressive?" Jesus, I must be a damn anarchist.

Just for that, I hope that Cesca announces Bill Dononue of The Catholic League as his new co-host.

toastie said...

Rev. Al previously guest-hosted on The Ed Show for several days a couple of weeks ago. So that should blow your mind further that he was invited back to sub for someone else.

TheReaperD said...

Unfortunately, stupid, ranting, race-baiting, partisan, self-important douchebags are what sell so that is what passes as "news" these days on the major networks.

I'm a very big free speech person but, I'm all for a law that states that if you are calling your program "news", without a satirical disclaimer, that you have to be held to standard of conduct and evidence and an attempt at impartiality (I know true impartiality is impossible) and have very large penalties for violating it. Things that used to be taken for granted when you watched news. Now, you can be a partisan hack, such as Rush Limbaugh, on other programming all you want but, you can't call it news.

Makes me so angry and there's so little to be done about it. Until the other 90% of America wakes up to this, telling them does no good, there just isn't enough force to change things.

Riles said...

I couldn't believe it myself. I can normally tolerate Cenk in the background, but I had to turn the channel when Sharpton showed up. I don't understand how MSNBC gives this guy a show and even a bit of credibility. Stern's been talking about him lately and how people seem to have forgotten the shit he's done in the past.