Monday, June 20, 2011


I wish I had time to really pick apart Chris Wallace's hapless attempt to teach Jon Stewart a lesson yesterday on Fox's Sunday news show.

Thankfully, there's Steve Benen to pick up the slack for me.

If you haven't seen this yet -- it's great stuff.

Washington Monthly: Trying To Help Chris Wallace Understand/6.20.11


tsisageya said...

Chez, this seems off-topic but I wanted to give a gift to you and your daughter.

Maybe you'll like it. I do.

Aislinn said...

It gets better: Fox News has edited out the part of the interview where Jon criticized Fox News' CEO.

Don't these guys know better than to try and pick fights with Jon Stewart? It never, ever works.

Capt Ac said...

Has anyone actually come off looking GOOD debating Jon Stewart?

tsisageya said...

Oh right. This too.

tsisageya said...