Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Thank You

Just wanted to take a second out to say thanks to everybody who read, wrote, commented and spread the word on Facebook and Twitter during our big DXM Fifth Birthday Jubilee. Not only was the month of May the most prolific around here in more than a year -- with more posts than any other single month since March of 2010 -- but the readership was tremendous across the board.

So, yeah -- I'm really humbled.

Give yourselves a cookie or something.


Shandra said...

As a relatively new reader - and still working my way through Dead Star Twilight - I'm so glad to have discovered your blog this year. Your writing is so real and fierce, and you have a great background and a neat perspective. So thank _you_ too.

Christine said...

What's really cool for those of us who've been following you for a long time is seeing how the blog has evolved from those uncertain beginnings. So often, blogs begin with a lot of good ideas and intentions, and then fizzle out as life happens. It's been... what, more than 4 years since I stumbled on your blog, and I don't think a day has gone by that I haven't popped in several times to see what new material has come up. Laughed to the point where my coworkers wondered about my sanity (they needn't have, it's been long gone), nodded my head in agreement, and cried silently so as to not draw attention.

So welcome to all the newer folks... you've found yourself a really cool corner of the interwebs. And from those of us who've been around for a long time, trust us, it's worth sticking around.

Chez said...

Thanks, Chris. That means a lot.

Amy B. said...

Hear, hear, Christine. I wrote to Chez almost the exact same thing about the evolution of his writing. It's difficult to see from day to day, but really cool when you take a step back and take a more panoramic view of his style.

We won't tell the newbies (See, kids? It IS okay to spell words correctly!) that the secret fun is sometimes in the comments section, though. They'll have to figure that out for themselves.

Riles said...

The jubilee was grand, Chez. And I echo the comments made by Christine and Amy.

Here's to 5 more, at least.

tsisageya said...

Dear C.H.E.Z,

I apologize for coming here to YOUR blog and saying the things I said to you in the recent past. It really is not kosher to do that and I truly appreciate your subsequent graciousness.

And unlike Glennzilla, you haven't even banned me from your site for saying these things.

(Though I really don't prefer your attitude toward his work.)

Anyway, Happy 5th.

Chez said...

Does my first name stand for something I'm unaware of? Even if it's not flattering I'm sure I'd enjoy finding out. Regardless, don't sweat it; you're entitled to voice your thoughts. Very, very rarely do I censor around here.

tsisageya said...

No you goofball! It was a reference to the fact that I made a typo on your name not too long ago and you called me on it. I was trying to let you know that I was being overly careful about your name. Jeezusmotherofgod!

I guess I thought it was an inside joke that, turns out, had no insides at all.

I can keep calling you an asshole if you want. I just thought I'd give you a cookie on your 5th, and all.

But, of course, you're above such things.


tsisageya said...

And, you're WELCOME.

tsisageya said...

Since you ask, this is a favorite movie of mine, cookie.

Chez said...

A truly excellent movie.