Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Speaking Terms

I'm all about cheap and easy content right now given than I'm up to my ass in work projects, so the latest person I can be grateful to is Mary Elizabeth Williams.

She churned out a really decent little piece today in Salon on what seems to be a favorite subject around here lately: how saying something really rash and stupid -- but more than a little offensive -- can put your career on the line.

Or in the case of Megan Fox, get you fired outright.

Or in the case of John Galliano, get you fired and put on trial.

There's no doubt, as we've seen quite a bit recently, that there's occasionally a hefty price to be paid for shooting your mouth off, but to her credit M-Liz looks a little deeper into the two cases cited above.

Salon: The New High Price of Mouthing Off/6.21.11


Hex said...

So Spielberg canned Megan Fox for even daring to invoke the word "Hitler" in an interview, but the second movie featured the Amos and Andy bots and he had no problem with it..

..suuuuuuuure, that seems plausible.

The Bacon said...

I don't have a problem with Fox being shit-canned.

I guess I draw the line at Hitler. Unless one is referring to someone's genocidal tendencies, there is never a reason to compare anyone to Hitler.

Furthermore, Spielberg didn't make a huge issue out of and drag her across the coals forcing public apology after public apology. He just very quietly acted in a manner that says "I'm the boss, and I don't tolerate that sort of buffonery."

brite said...

I am weekly (and sometimes, daily) astonished at what Americans get their panties into a knot over. The dribblings and droolings, missteps and malapropisms of the celebrities that North American culture reveres to the point of religion...I really don't get it. Don't you people have REAL problems to worry about?

Nathan said...

I'm pretty sure Fox would have gotten shit-canned if her model had been Stalin, Genghis Khan, Attila the Hun or Snidely Whiplash. Actors (and actresses) who are already on thin ice for being a problem on set don't last long when they start publicly dissing the boss.

Galliano isn't really a comparable situation either. France and Germany have their own laws (agree or not). And Natalie Portman was certainly within her rights to say she wouldn't participate in anything that would associate her with him. His getting fired in that case was a total no-brainer.

As far as I'm concerned, Tracy Morgan made a bad joke that bombed and his apology tour is a lot more embarrassing than the original cause.

Le Penseur said...

Maybe it's just the picture, but Megan Fox looks like a trannified Russell Brand.