Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The So-What Network

Ladies and gentlemen, Rick Sanchez has spoken -- making the official declaration, a good couple of years after it rose to a position of authority within new media circles, that Tumblr is "the new Twitter." So let it be written -- so let it be done.

Thanks, Rick -- by the way, my grandmother just called to tell me she's on the Facebook.

The Huffington Post: Move Over Twitter... Make Room for Tumblr/6.20.11

I for one welcome our new Sanchez-approved social networking overlord.


Benoit from Ottawa said...

In what used to be called "French Canada", and in Québec especially, there's the expression "Arrive en ville!"

Which could roughly translate as "Get off the truck!"

Nick said...

"Flutter - When 140 chars r just 2 damn many."

Now w/ lolcatz