Thursday, June 30, 2011

Quote of the Day

"The representation of the Defendants damaged the reputation of the Plaintiffs among the buying and consuming public... Defendants' misleading and false statements were outrageous and held Plaintiffs up for extreme ridicule in the community where they reside and where their works are viewed and read."

-- From a $285 million lawsuit filed by hack author Jerome Corsi and CEO Joseph Farah against Esquire magazine for a satirical piece it published earlier this year mocking birthers

Right. Relentlessly and insanely pursuing an accusation that has no basis whatsoever in reality doesn't damage your reputation or leave you held up for "extreme ridicule," but jokingly pointing out that you're insane for relentlessly pursuing an accusation that has no basis in reality does.

I do love the implication, though, that the birthers actually have any credibility to damage.


Narbe said...

What's next, flat-earthers sueing the USGS?

Nathan said...

I'm waiting for the courts decision when they throw out the part about the defendant calling one of them "an execrable piece of shit" because truth is a valid defense.


jrm78 said...

The "execrable piece of shit" quote cracks me up and makes me paraphrase the classic Bill Murray line from the first Ghostbusters: "It's true your Honor; Corsi and Farah are execrable pieces of shit."

Anonymous said...

christ .. how do you people stand it .. surrounded by millions of idiots. it's enough to make you slit your wrists, or, i dunno ... MOVE ABROAD.

Ref said...

I hope they get sanctioned for bringing this.