Thursday, June 23, 2011

Quote of the Day

"Media catnip."

-- Jonathan Capehart of the Washington Post's description of Sarah Palin last night on Lawrence O'Donnell's show, as he reacted to the not-the-least-bit-surprising revelation that Palin was quitting her "One Nation" bus tour halfway through

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Mart said...

Don't count out crazy. Palin polls consistently #2 behind Romney. Some polls even have her No. 1. Obama pisses me off. Last night put me on a bender. Could we have an opposition party that was not to the right of Obama, please? At this point I would vote for Nixon. He got the EPA (dramatic improvement in air and water quality), OSHA (dramatic improvement in not dying at work)and (four years late) high tailed it out of the endless war that was Vietnam. He also proposed Obamney care, but I think Kennedy killed it because it was not ideologically pure (no single payer). Is has been frustrating living through the steep far right dive this country has taken since Reagan.