Thursday, June 16, 2011

Quote of the Day

As I had hoped he would, Louie CK steps up and smacks down the Tracy Morgan controversy with a cultural heft I couldn't even dream of possessing.

Only Nixon could go to China -- and only Louie could do this.

By the way, remember to read from the bottom up.


L. said...

Almost as good as when he said that all the bees in America were dying because Sara Palin is a cunt.

J. Dack said...

Love the guy, loved what he said. But I'm avoiding any links related to it because you just know the hive mind is going to flood him with "you can't talk about this (or anything) because you're a straight white male with privilege so you don't know shit!"

IrishGirl said...

He so rules, love him!

Anonymous said...

i just wish morgan would explain why he said those things and why he feels that way. and if he doesn't feel that way, then what *was* he trying to say. the stock apology is just annoying. he's allowed to hate gays or use other people's hatred of gays to get laughs - and then people are allowed to decide whether they want to work with him.

i think morgan is sometimes hilarious, but there was nothing funny about this particular bit, and it seemed pretty clear that he was opining, not joking.
again, free country, free speech. but if someone is going to publicly say shit like that, then they should be willing to explain it. i'd like him to tell us why he thought it was funny. i'd be interested to hear his views on comedy, his approach to it and the role that kind of content is meant to have in his routine. i'm not suggesting comedians dissect every joke they make, but other funny people and writers have talked about their general approach to humour and when something causes such a huge stir, it could be an opportunity to get some insight into the process. but "it was just a joke" or "i shouldn't have said that" do nothing to advance our understanding of the matter.

NoxiousNan said...

I didn't see the routine, but understand it was a routine. If Morgan cares to disect jokes or wax philosophical about his profession, that sounds fine for a documentary or a roast, not to pander to the self righteously outraged.

I'd think less of him if he felt the need to explain the thought process behind every joke that offended someone.

He was hired to make people laugh, and he did. He was hired specifically because of his bold humor. Then when he does what he was paid for in the style that they paid him to do it in, suddenly there's a problem. God, I'm so sick of the puritanical fucks in this country. I'd suffer a mysoginistic, gay-baiting, woman hating prick anytime over the puritanical fucks that currently hold sway in this country, and at the moment, I'm including you in that group, Anon. Maybe it's not necessary for you to understand the matter since you clearly did not find the routine amusing.