Thursday, June 09, 2011

Quote of the Day

"To the people who found my personality relatable, I say this: I'm a fucking billionaire, I don't relate to you at all, and I can now say with complete impunity that I want all you pathetic losers to go fuck yourselves."

-- "Oprah" to her fans in a piece in the Onion called "I Just Want To Say That I Hated Every Moment of the Piece-of-Shit Show"

By the way, I'll be indisposed for most of the day. Talk amongst yourselves.


Kokit said...

Well you got that right :)

CNNfan said...

Oh, we're not really losers, Oprah. We just play one on TV .... And the Internet for entertainment!

Being a billionaire, must feel sensational, but (IRL ;-) getting news from an author at Oxford University, she's published me in a chapter of her textbook on Artificial Intelligence feels pretty awesome too!

Anonymous said...

and The Onion takes in another one!

Nick said...

Okay - it'a a new day and that face scares me. New post, please!