Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Quote of the Day

"Just because Breitbart lucked into being correct (the way a broken clock is right at least once a day) doesn’t mean that his long-established pattern of deception should be dismissed. Just because Charles Manson didn’t kill Marilyn Monroe doesn’t mean that he’s innocent of every other crime attributed to him."

-- From a piece in Alternet called "10 Reasons Andrew Breitbart Should Apologize (Or Just Shut Up and Go Away)"

Let me once again make it crystal clear: Breitbart got it right about Anthony Weiner and no one can argue with that. I won't equivocate on that, nor should anyone else. But as I said a couple of days ago and as the above article shows pretty clearly, the one time his rabid anti-liberal obsession actually panned out doesn't erase the litany of past misdeeds that should continue to dog him and make any claim he proffers immediately suspect.

Breitbart isn't a true journalist no matter how ferociously or desperately he demands to be treated as one -- and a big reason for this isn't simply because he's sloppy and doesn't mind playing fast-and-loose with the facts, it's because he begins every word he writes, every column he publishes and every "investigation" he undertakes with a conclusion already in mind. That conclusion, that basic premise, is that those he disagrees with politically are guilty. It doesn't matter of what -- they're just guilty.

It's one thing to comment on a story or news item, to offer your opinion; it's another thing entirely to portray that opinion as fact, the product of a fair and ethical journalistic process.

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