Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Pic of the Litter

I was going to add this on to the earlier Breitbart post as an update, but it really deserves its own slot. You know why Breitbart isn't a real journalist and never will be? Do you need further proof that he's a loathsome, unscrupulous turd and nothing more, regardless of how vehemently he may demand professional and personal respect?

Well, how about this: The "X-rated" picture of Anthony Weiner that Breitbart has been boasting about, the one he called his "insurance policy?" It's now apparently leaked online. How did it get out, you ask? Because this morning Breitbart was doing a guest spot on the Opie and Anthony show -- the latest stop on his victory lap -- and he proudly flashed the picture to the show's crew; he apparently carries it around on his iPhone like a trophy, the post-modern digital-age scandal equivalent of his quarry's head on the wall above his fireplace. Needless to say, someone on the show either surreptitiously or right out in the open snapped his own picture of the picture and put it up on Twitter. Voila, what is allegedly Anthony Weiner's erect, naked cock is now available to anyone with access to the internet (in other words, anyone on earth).

I want you to imagine for a second any other journalist in America -- any respectable gatherer and disseminator of news and information -- being so fucking mind-blowingly juvenile as to show off a picture of a U.S. congressman's penis just because he happened to have it. Yeah, Weiner screwed up by putting it out there in the first place, but can you even fathom the notion of, say, Bob Woodward gloating over the spoils of an investigation -- particularly one that took a high personal toll on an elected official, his family and, arguably, the country -- to the point where he revealed them to the crew of a fucking shock-jock radio show? The word "unethical" doesn't even begin to cover it, although at this point I'd expect nothing less from a bottom-feeding douche like Breitbart.

For the record, I've never held back when it comes to my appreciation for the Opie and Anthony show. I started listening to it years ago on WNEW in New York City and I'm a regular listener now that it's on Sirius XM; it's a funny as hell show and the guys who host it are for the most part whip-smart. The only time I tune out, though -- well, besides whenever terminally unfunny Rich Vos is on -- is when they start talking politics. This is because, while Opie tends to stay out of the way and Jimmy Norton is at least balanced in his views, Anthony is tyranically reactionary to the point of being intolerable. For a bright guy, he's an almost unimaginably laughable stereotype: a white multi-millionaire man-child who stalks around his mansion on Long Island fetishistically carrying a gun on his hip just in case one of the welfare queens he blames for taking all his hard-earned money -- that would be the money he makes working 4-hours-a-day -- breaks in and tries to kill him. He's like Howard Hughes, right down to the paranoid racism, if Hughes had never actually created anything worthy of a legacy. Again, funny as hell guy, but completely batshit when it comes to his far-right politics.

My point is that the O & A crew had a hand in circulating this picture -- the one that neither you, nor I, nor anyone else really needs to see, since we all kind of got the point -- but they're not the ones truly to blame here. They're shock-jocks; they're paid to push boundaries, indiscriminately ridicule, and basically be overgrown adolescents. They never claimed to be worthy of anyone's trust.

But Breitbart? I thought he was a journalist.

By the way, if you want to see the unedited photo it's not hard to find. I'm not posting a link to it here, though. Do your own heavy lifting on this one.

Update: Breitbart, as expected, is placing the blame squarely on the O & A show crew: "This is the first time that someone surreptitiously grabbed a photo of it. This is a complete breach of our arrangement that the photo would not be made public. It was a complete violation of trust," he said during an interview with, of course, Fox News.

Right. Except that, as I said, a shock-jock radio show isn't expected to abide by any personal or professional code of ethical conduct. Breitbart, if he truly considers himself a journalist, is. But the temptation was just too much for him; he had to show the other kids on the playground the dirty picture he had in his pocket so they could all have a good laugh about it and he could be the big guy. Breitbart is either being thoroughly dishonest about this or he's just flat-out stupid, neither of which should surprise anyone either way.

I really do love Breitbart; you can always count on him to show his true colors. Just three days ago he was demanding an apology from Anthony Weiner and now Anthony Weiner -- who's by no means innocent in any of this -- is within his rights to demand an apology from him. And everyone else can go right back to regarding Andrew Breitbart as what he is and has been from the very beginning: a fucking low-life.


Heather Hansma said...

There is something about Brietbart carrying around a photo of another man's penis on his person at all times that is over-the-top hilarious to me. "Hey look guys! Check out this wang!"

Really? Really, man? I mean, I have no esteem for him at all, but damn. Somehow he managed to make himself look even more foolish than before. I didn't think that was bloody well possible.

namron said...

The fact that Breitbart even draws breath in this society, much less that he is feited as a wise man or an important person, is another indication that America has long ago left the comparisons to a crumbling Roman Empire and has passed into Babylonian territory. I am as avid a consumer of "news" as any of my friends, but this week has left me more disgusted and depressed about the health of our media since the OJ trial days.

Heather said...

I'm with the other Heather on that one. Absolutely what I wanted to say, but I will add that it also makes you wonder what can be said about him. If one of your male friends had a picture of a penis on his phone, what kind of unrelenting hell would you give him for it?

Kudos to you for not posting the link, Chez. :)

C.L.J. said...

It's the first time Brietbart has had a penis that's worth showing people.

Anonymous said...

Now that is what I call a dick move.

kanye said...

I'm going to go against the grain here...big surprise...and say that most "respectable" journalists would show a picture; just not this picture.

This is just a cock shot. Without Weiner's face being visible, it could be anybody. But framed differently, say a full standing body shot in profile, with his head turned, facing towards and smiling at the camera and his penis at full attention: they'd run it. They'd all run it.

Sure, they'd black-spot or pixelize his ass and genitals out, but they'd run it.

And as far as Anthony Weiner goes, he's just proven that he's not qualified to hold office.

Not because of his sexual proclivities or mores--I could care less about that--but because he has just demonstrated that he, like all of the other creeps in D.C, is so completely out of touch with reality; that his daily life and experiences are so far removed from those of the overwhelming majority of people in this country; that no matter how correct his ideology or good-willed his intentions might be, he is fundamentally incapable of representing the interests of those he purports to represent.

The man had no idea that posting his cock shots on the internet could come back to bite him.

Think about that. I mean, really think about that: About all of the stories and warnings and information that we've been bombarded with during the last decade, telling us how foolhardy a thing this is to do...and none of it sinking in or getting through.

There's absolutely no way that a man who remained this oblivious to that which most of us understand as base and common, could possibly understand what it's like to sit down at the kitchen table every month with a stack of bills, sorting them into piles--which ones you'll pay and which you'll let slide another month.

His job is to represent, but even the smartest, most gifted person in the world can't represent that which he or she doesn't know.

Riles said...

that his daily life and experiences are so far removed from those of the overwhelming majority of people in this country

Um, what? You're saying that there aren't multitudes of people in this country getting caught cheating by Facebook, Twitter, text message trails, phone logs, etc.?

I think that there might be a majority of people that can sympathize with him.

What he did was dumb, but if he was thought of as doing a good job before, I don't see how this changes things, in terms of his work as a politician.

Kat said...

There is something amusing, if any amusement is to be found in this story, about a douchebag who posted photos meant for private and personal use (and I would guess were sent with some trust that the recipient wouldn't share them) complaining about someone posting a photo not meant to be made public.

Breitbart's just pissed he didn't get to release it on his website.

AND he's pissed that Anthony Weiner (if it truly is Weiner) has about five inches on him.

Chez said...

Great point. He's (supposedly) indignant over a photo that he meant to keep private being made public by someone else without his consent. Beautiful irony.

VOTAR said...

I'm with kanye on this one... reluctantly -- and that reluctance is more an expression of exhaustion with this entire phenomenon than anything else. And I hate myself for saying this too: Breitbart on Spitzer's show tonight actually made a good point (whether this is his agenda or not, it still happens to be true). Weiner cannot remain in office if his judgement as a politician is so impaired as to allow himself to be put in this position, utterly vulnerable to blackmail, vote tampering, ransom, you name it.

kanye you hit the bullseye. In spite of the incomprehensible trend towards "folksy" one-of-us, joe-the-plumber politics, deep down inside I think all Americans want our politicians to be a cut above. Just because "there [are] multitudes of people in this country getting caught cheating..." doesn't mean that is the new standard for people who we entrust to govern our lives, send troops into battle, levy our taxes, etc...

The congressman is toxic, and as much as I generally like him otherwise, he's got to go.

Riles said...

Good point Votar. I do agree that our elected officials should be better and smarter than the average citizen. I'm not one who looks for the candidate I can have a beer with when I'm voting. I'm just saying that this incident doesn't erase the good he did in the 7 terms he has served. Maybe it does affect how he can serve going forward though.

Anonymous said...

The leftys are struggling to save face after Weiner boy sold them down the river on Breitbart's raft. The best they can do is try and shoot the messenger. So sad...

kanye said...

Thank you, Votar.

I've been trying to think how to respond to Riles, and honestly, I'm stymied. This is so easy to do face-to-face, and yet so easy to get wrong on the internet.

Context is everything. Had Weiner been vacationing with his wife in Saint-Tropez and someone snapped penis pics, oh well.

Had his indiscretions been made public through an accidental tweet...I sit alone and stare at walls: my heart, incomplete; my arms, useless--without you in them....the reaction would have been very, very different.

But he's a sitting Congressman who posted a picture of his penis on Twitter. On Twitter!

Do you know what my reaction was when I found out that he had admitted to this? "I wonder if he stores paint thinner in his oven as well."

And the real pisser is that, just like Votar, I like this guy. He's got spine. Unfortunately, he's also gotta go.

CNNfan said...

Chez said, "over a photo that he meant to keep private"

Did you mean a private photo,
or a photo of his private?


Mart said...

Kayne - When we were kids my buddy had a clogged can of spray paint and he put it in the oven at work to loosen it up. The oven door blew through a block wall. It was awesome. (Helped nobody was hurt in the lunch room.) As far as Weiner, I go with Vitter rules. If his constituents will re-elect him, he can damn well do anything he wants.

Chez said...

"Leftys," Anon 11:45? I love that term -- it immediately establishes what you're all about, how you're approaching the subject and exactly what you're going to say.

Weiner fucked up and he deserves to be held accountable for it. Nobody's denying that. Breitbart, meanwhile, is an unscrupulous douche whose every intention and pronouncement should be regarded with the utmost suspicion. It's possible for both of these statements to be true and not the least bit related.