Monday, June 27, 2011

Listening Post

The recent Love and Rockets tribute album is everything a good tribute record should be: First of all, it's paying respect to a band that deserves it and whose body of work makes for damn good material to draw from, but it also features a lot of high-caliber talent really working over the original music and creating something special.

This is one of my favorite Love and Rockets songs, and this version of it -- kind of like the original version -- goes from pure sex to full-throttle in a split-second.

Here's Vex doing It Could Be Sunshine.

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Thomas B said...

Not bad! They remind me a bit of CLIENT, which is a great thing (I think you'd like CLIENT, especially their cover of "Xerox Machine" by Adam Ant).

That being said, I'm usually cautious around tribute records. Sure, there are a couple of gems, but once some jack-off poseur band dusts off your favourite song and just out-and-out ruins it, then the whole affair gets tainted. But Depeche Mode's tribute, For The Masses, got off pretty well.