Friday, June 17, 2011

Listening Post

If you haven't already, meet Imelda May -- the Irish rockabilly sex bomb that's pretty much about to blow up huge.

This is Mayhem.

Happy Friday, kiddies.


Lisa said...

So happy you've discovered her! I've been following her since 2008 and she's waaay cool. Sexy, talented, and Irish--she's the whole package. Unfortunately, I don't think she'll take off here.

Chez said...

I think she will. This song's probably gonna start turning up in a lot of places.

brite said...

I clicked because you had rockabilly and Irish together there...but after listening to this and a few other cuts, I'm afraid to say she just sounds like Shania Twain to me.

Chez said...

It is a little country-esque, but overall it's not bad stuff. Plus the Irish thing somehow earns her cred with me.