Monday, June 13, 2011

Listening Post

From one of the best albums of the year so far, one of the year's coolest damn songs.

Here's Chase & Status -- Hitz.

Yup, Miami fell to Dallas. Because, of course. FML.

Happy Monday, boys and girls.


Jubilant Echo was here said...

Chez, I'm not hatin' anymore. MAVS ARE THE WORLD CHAMPS.

Chez said...

You know what, though?

They still have to live in Dallas.

Jubilant Echo was here said...

You got them there.

Chez said...

Eh, pretty soon Texas will secede from the union and in addition to the median IQ of the U.S. rising substantially, they'll have to start their own sports leagues. How does the "TBA" sound to you?

Lisa said...

"World Champs"? Really? I thought it was the NBA not the WBA or IBA.

I really dig this song.